Release Notes

Archived announcements on Dineable updates. #

January 6, 2020
New Year, New Improvements for your Food Profile #

  • Identify allergies as tactile and/or airborne
  • Cookie notice & GDPR / CaliPrivacy Compliance
  • Color change to purple to represent “no cross-contact”

November 21, 2019
New Improvements for your Food Profile (and Dineable Events)! #

  • Easier to tag the severity of your food restrictions
  • Added Event Hosts can now accept or decline the offer to be a host.
  • Hosts can see if their direct invitations have been Accepted or are still Pending.
  • Hosts can send 1-click reminders to Pending invitations.
  • Hosts can now preview guest’s Food Profiles directly in the Guest List.

October 30, 2019
New feature. New content. New flow. See what’s NEW with Dineable! #

  • Opt In to EatTM
  • Edit your food profile, shopping-cart style.
  • Redesigned flow for creating events.
  • Refreshed notification emails.