Pro Tips for your Dineable Event

Best practices for getting a high response rate from your guests, reducing food waste at your event, connecting with your caterer, using the Food Profile Report to accommodate your guest’s needs and what to do when you can’t. #

So – you’re hosting an event and have a bunch of people to feed. #

Perhaps it’s a family party of 10. Or, maybe, it’s lunch for 35 during a training session. A wedding reception for 200? A business convention of 5,000?

No matter. Dineable makes it easy to #getfoodright… especially when you follow our pro tips!

  1. Opt In to Eat to avoid food waste.
  2. Request guests’ food profiles through your Dineable event page.
  3. Plan to remind guests to share their food profiles.
  4. Add a Caterer to your Dineable event page.
  5. Check your Food Profile Report.
  6. Be honest if you are not able to accommodate.
  7. Do your best to #getfoodright.


Use the Opt In to Eat feature to avoid food waste.

Some guests might not intend to eat at your event, even if you are feeding them! As the host, this is a clear opportunity for you to save money (and the planet).

If you turn on the OITE feature, guests will be able to Opt In or Opt Out of dining at your event, giving you data on how much food you should order for your event. When guests Opt In, they will also be able to share their food profile with you, giving you additional insights to #getfoodright.

To host a zero-waste event, inform your guests that a non-response is equal to an Opt Out, and order food only for guests who proactively Opt In.

Turn it off if you plan to feed everyone no matter what, and prefer to only collect food profiles to help make menu decisions. 

Request guests’ food profiles through your Dineable event page.

Perfect for event hosts who have their guest’s email addresses!
(Scroll to the bottom of this article, if you don’t.)

Send a food profile request right from your Dineable event page. Under the Guests tab, click Add Guests, and enter your guest’s emails (or upload a .csv file of up to 50 guest emails at a time).

Hit Send, and – voila! – you’ve asked your guests to share their food profile!

Plan to remind your guests to share their food profiles. 

  1. If selling tickets online or taking online registrations – Include your Dineable event link on your confirmation page and in the confirmation e-mail. Ask guests to share their food profiles so you can #avoidfoodwaste and #getfoodright.
  2. If you have your guest’s email addresses: Send a dedicated message to all of your guests, asking that they share their food profile for the event. Then, pick a date to send one more, as a final reminder. Both of these messages can be sent from the Guest tab of your Dineable event page (by using the Add Guests and Remind Guests features).
    If you prefer to send it from your own e-mail, go ahead! Just be sure to include your event link (which looks like:
  3. If you don’t have guest e-mails – share your Dineable event link however you communicate with your guests! Social media. Text. Print. Whatever works for you!
  4. If you are mailing invitations (and have no other contact info) – your options for reminding guests to share their food profile are limited… unless you plan to do a second mailing.  Include your Dineable event link on the original printed invitation or accommodations card, and (if available) on the special event website that is shared with invited guests.

Add a Caterer to your Dineable event page.

Linking a caterer to your Dineable event page is helpful for a few reasons, but a big one is: it gets you out of the middle! Use your newfound time and energy to focus on hosting an A+ event.

  1. If a guest has a question about the menu, they can DM the caterer.
  2. If the caterer needs clarification on a guest’s restrictions, they can DM the guest. 
  3. Your caterer can run a Food Profile Report at any time leading up to the event. This means they gain early insights into your guests’ needs, allowing them to better plan, purchase and prepare for your event – leading to an improved guest experience and less wasted food.

Check your Food Profile Report.

We’ll send you and your caterer a Food Profile Report a few days before your event to provide quick insights into your guests dietary needs. Compare the Report to your planned menu.

Is there something for everyone to eat? Do the quantities need to be adjusted?

Discuss the details with your caterer to make sure you both #getfoodright on event day. Generate a full guest report at any time on the Details tab of your event page!

Be honest if you are not able to accommodate a guest’s food restrictions.

Some of your guests will follow strict diets or have severe food allergies (some leading to hospitalization or even death, if not avoided properly).

If it is not possible for you or your caterer to meet certain food restrictions that are reported by your guests, use our direct messaging feature to let them know. They may be disappointed that you can’t accommodate them, but their gratitude for your transparency will outweigh it – we promise.

Do your best to #getfoodright!

On average, 2 out of 3 people have a food restriction – including from temporary diets, lifestyles, health reasons, religious beliefs, sensitivities, allergies… the list goes on.

For guests with strict or severe restrictions, they might avoid eating at your event altogether because there is no way to know if the food available is safe for them. Not exactly ideal (for them, your wallet, or our landfills).

When you are able to mindfully include the guests who have a food restriction in your menu planning, you will provide an experience that is uncommon, if not rare, for these individuals. Not only will you make sure they don’t leave your event hungry, guests will be able to eat with confidence without needing to discuss their food restrictions in front of other attendees.

People love to talk about great experiences, but they love to talk about their bad experiences more! Getting food right is the key way to make sure your guest reviews land in the proper end of the spectrum.

WAIT! Can I still use Dineable if… #

   …I don’t have guest email addresses?

Yes! You can share your custom event link anywhere.
In print. Through text. On social media. From a skyplane. Whatever method works for you! Guests visit your custom link and share their food profile. It’s that simple.

    … I am going to mail invitations to my guests?

Yes! Include your custom event link alongside your event information or accommodations details. Use it online or in print! Guests visit your custom link and share their food profile. It’s that simple.

    … I already chose my menu and don’t plan to change it?

Yes! Dineable is all about expectation setting. Even if you do not plan to change your menu based on the food profiles that are shared, using Dineable will allow you and your caterer to inform any food-restricted guests whether or not they will be able to dine at your event.

In many cases, caterers are able to accommodate a majority (if not all) of guest needs with existing menu ingredients – but only if they have advanced notice! 


Have questions on how to use your Dineable event page, or anything else?
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