What’s “Opt In To Eat” ??

Find yourself constantly ordering too much food for meetings and events? Use Dineable to order more efficiently. #

dineable - waste less food and manage food restrictions and diets

We waste up to 40% of food produced in the USA. We can all be better by working together.

Events, meetings, and conferences are a frequent source of wasted food. 

  1. We order by making educated guesses about volume and menu.
  2. We build in a buffer so we don’t run out.
  3. Once food is put out, it can’t be donated! Best-case scenario is it ends up in the staff room or the compost bin.

Sometimes reducing waste is as simple as asking.

It’s time to shift our thinking. Instead of ordering based on an estimated guest count and building in some buffer “just in case,” we can simply ask ahead of time:

“Can you help me reduce food waste by confirming whether you plan to eat at my event?”

Use Dineable’s new Opt In to Eat™ functionality to reduce food waste at your next event, conference, or meeting.

OITE toggle

Some guests might not intend to eat at your event, even if you are feeding them! As the host, this is a clear opportunity for you to save money (and the planet). 

dineable opt in to eat to reduce food waste and be sustainable

With Opt In To Eat™ enabled on your Dineable event, your guests will be able to Opt In or Opt Out of your event’s meal(s) in advance, giving you insight on how much food you should order.

When guests Opt In, they will also be able to share their Dineable food profile of any restrictions or diets with you, providing additional insights to #GetFoodRight.

Worried about running out of food? No problem! Order enough for your estimated guest count, but only serve enough for your “Opted In” count, reserving the extra for a local food rescue of your choice.

To host a zero-waste event, inform your guests that non-response = Opt Out, and order food only for guests who have Opted In.

Not ready for Opt In to Eat™ yet? No worries! Leave the option disabled and continue to use Dineable to prompt your guests to share their food restrictions and diets.

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