Let People Know That Your Company is #FoodRestrictionFriendly

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Are you ready to let people know that your company is using Dineable?

We’ve found that Group Admins who make an early announcement about Dineable to their communities have the best member engagement.

Let people know that your company is #foodrestrictionfriendly by sending them the ready-to-use message below!

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Subject: We Want to #GetFoodRight For You!

Hi there – I’m excited to announce that we are taking steps to become food restriction friendly and more sustainable! We want to avoid food waste and get food right so you can have a great experience here. 

Join our new Dineable Group to share your food profile with us. 

Add dineable@dineable.com to your contacts list and keep an eye on your inbox – we will send a separate e-mail invitation to you soon!