Take control of what you eat.

We help people take control of what they eat.


With each passing year, more and more people restrict their food choices for reasons ranging from severe allergies to religion to DNA-specific nutrition profiles. Recent polls suggest that over 30% of us have food allergies or intolerances, and still more are choosing special diets like vegan, paleo, kosher, or halal (source).


For many of us, staying on-diet is a necessity, from avoiding anaphylaxis or GI discomfort, to knowing that cheating today means losing for the rest of the week. For others, the struggle is less about necessity, and more about building the right habits to stay healthy and out of the hospital.


The once-simple and carefree experience of eating out with family and friends has been complicated with the difficulty of satisfying everyone's needs. The straightforward business of cooking and serving delicious food has become a minefield of disruptions.


Dineable applies intelligent technology and human interaction to help guests and hospitality staff communicate clearly and consistently about how people eat now. This game-changing technology dynamically improves the dining experience, uniting the front and back of the house even before guests arrive.


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